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Best Forex Brokers by Country in 2024

The forex market is the world’s largest financial market. Daily transaction around $5.1 trillion takes place here (according to the study of the Triennial Central Bank Survey of FX & Over-the-counter derivatives markets, 2016). Whether you are a beginner or an experienced, you would prefer to trade with the best forex broker in the world. It is time-consuming to choose the right broker for you among thousands of brokers. To help you in this regard, we have prepared a list of the top 10 forex brokers in the world.

In this portal, we will talk about the variation in the forex market in terms of country. You will also get forex affiliated information. We provide information after completing the research on the current market & market trend. So, we believe you will generate maximum profit along with the secure transaction on visiting our website.

Geographical inequality influences the forex market to a large extent. There are places where forex trading is an easy breeze. The best forex broker in the world belongs to such a region. On the other hand, people in some areas find it difficult to trade the forex. Though the forex market expects to reach to all people & provide equal service, tool, information to every investor, it is onerous in reality.

best forex broker in the world,top 10 forex brokers in the world

Forex Market-Dominating Territory

You will find the top 10 forex brokers in the world across the USA, UK, Asia & Middle East. On the contrary, hardly the brokerage is found in Africa. People living in the region where the physical brokerage is absent, need to take help from the offshore brokerages. This is defiantly a hassle.

United States of America

Most traders in the forex business believe, the USA produces the best forex broker in the world. Though the expertise & excellence are relative terms, still the USA has a strong ground regarding the forex.  Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA) register the US forex brokers as Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer (RFED). Without their authorization, no broker has permission to run the business.  The regulatory bodies closely supervise Fx broker’s activities. Such guardianship of the CFTC & NFA has literally helped forex brokers in USA to secure position on the top 10 forex brokers in the world.

The USA did not achieve the position in one day. They also had a story of the struggle behind the success. As we all know, the terrorist attack on September11, 2001, has entirely changed the lives of Americans. The government modified the rule for trading with foreign entities afterwards the attack. As a result, USA forex traders shut down the business with the countries on the embargo list with America.

The USA providing the best forex broker in the world in spite of issuing the Foreign Assets Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The foreign companies who fail to give information to the IRS on US traders (having trading account with them) are sanctioned under the FATCA. As a consequence, many UK & Asian brokerages stopped trading with the American forex brokers. So today, forex trading in the USA takes place among the US forex brokers only (intra USA trading).

In spite of all the hurdles & shortcomings, brokerages of USA have secured the top position in the list of top 10 forex brokers in the world. It is praiseworthy & inspiring indeed.


Europe is the emerging continent to develop the best forex broker in the world. London & Cyprus are the two major forex trading hubs. Forex trading is now expanding in Central and Eastern Europe (particularly in Russia, Bulgaria, Malta, and Romania) as well.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) closely supervises the forex trading in Cyprus. Cyprus will be found on the list of top 10 forex brokers in the world due to their favorable investment policies. Another good reason to trade in Cyprus is that there is no restriction on traders. They can trade independently with other country’s broker except for the US broker. Many brokerages from the far-flung region of the world show interest to trade in Cyprus nowadays.


Japan, Singapore& China are making striking moves in the forex market. The Bank of International Settlements has declared Singapore as the world’s 3rd forex trading center (following London & New York). China is an excellent choice for forex trade.  This country is now trading the volume worth 90,000 lots per month. The best forex broker in the world should have a large forex reserve. Taiwan is one top country that has a large reserve of the forex.

Asian regulators have adapted promising strategies to excel in the forex market. They are emphasizing on the growth in areas within their jurisdictions. The brokerages of the continent have secured the place on the list of top 10 forex brokers in the world as well.


Brokers in Australia are well known for their proper rules & systemic approaches in the forex market. Australia provides a wholesome environment for trading with the close supervision of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA), along with ASIC, observe the forex brokers’ activities. The two organizations work hard to preserve the quality of forex trading in Australia. Traders recognize the brokers in Australia as the best forex broker in the world for providing good customer service across the globe.

All countries in the world will not permit you to trade forex. Let us review where the forex trading is allowed, where it is restricted & where it is banned.

Countries Where Forex Trading is Permitted

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Japan
  • Malta
  • Indonesia
  • Romania

You will find the top 10 forex brokers in the world from the regions mentioned above.

best forex broker in the world,top 10 forex brokers in the world

Countries Where Forex Trading has a Limitation

  • South Africa
  • Russia
  • China
  • India (only can trade with the currency pair defined by (Reserve Bank of India) RBI)
  • Egypt
  • Nigeria
  • Ukraine

Despite allowing forex trading, the central government of the countries imposes a restriction on trade. For example, the government have created limitations on,

  • How much money can one transfer to the broker for trading purposes?
  • What amount of money can one keep in the foreign currency in a domiciliary account?

The restrictions are implied mostly for the anti-money laundering laws.

Countries Where Forex Trading is not Allowed

  • Pakistan
  • Syria
  • South Korea
  • North Korea
  • Nigeria
  • Sudan
  • Zimbabwe
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Burma
  • Cuba
  • Ivory Coast
  • Iran
  • Liberia
  • Macedonia
  • Malaysia
  • Montenegro
  • Myanmar
  • Helena
  • Ukraine

The forex market is open 24 hours a day. There is a certain period when the price action is muted. On another time, the price action is extremely volatile. The currency pair shows the variation due to the traders’ presence online at a particular time.

Trading Session

While knowing about the best forex broker in the world, it is also important to know about the countries’ major trading sessions. It isn’t easy to focus on trade throughout the 24 hours. For convenience, the trading hour is divided into three different sessions. Traders attempt to trade on one of these three sessions, which is favourable according to their region. Trading on the right session is a simple strategy that the top 10 forex brokers in the world generally follow.

Sometimes sessions overlap. If overlapping takes place, then volatility may elevate. As the trader can’t keep an eye on the trade always, there are chances they miss any good opportunity. So, the trader should always be aware of the market trend to grab opportunities.

North American, European & Asian is the three peak activity periods. New York, London, & Tokyo represent the major trading centres of the mentioned continents. So, the three trading sessions are also termed as New York, London, & Tokyo session.



Major Market Hours (Greenwich Mean Time i.e. GMT)
Asian Session Tokyo 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.
European Session London 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
North American Session


New York Noon to 8 p.m.

Asian (Tokyo) Forex Session

Asian markets first see the action of liquidity restoration during the first hour of the week.  Tokyo capital market observes & runs activities of this part (Asia) of the world informally. They run the tasks from midnight to 6 a.m. GM.

Countries like China, Russia, New Zealand, & Australia also participate in trade during this Asian session. The session has more proclivity for ranges to hold.

European (London) Forex Session

Europe takes over the session just before the Asian forex session comes to an end. A good number of traders from the top 10 forex brokers in the world trader during this hour.

London runs the session officially between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. GMT. But Germany and France participate in the trade before the official opening hour of the United Kingdom. And the liquidity remains valid after the closing too. So, the typical European (London) Forex Session runs from 7 a.m. till 4 p.m. GMT. The London session is fast & more active.

North American (New York) Forex Session

Professionals of the forex market say the USA offers the best forex broker in the world. This is the probable reason; the USA dominates the activities of the western session. South American countries, Canada & Mexica also participate in this hour. Still, the engagement of New Yorkers notifies the high volatility of the session.

The North American session unofficially begins at 12 pm GMT & closes at 8 pm GMT. When the New York session comes online, the Asian/ Tokyo session is closed by the time.

The Overlapping of Three Sessions

Larger the volatility, the larger the profit.

Figure: Overlap on the three sessions

Overlapping of sessions leads to an increase in volatility, exchange rate, order activity, and trading volume.

London & New York (8:00 am to noon)

70% of the transaction takes place during this overlap. US dollar, euro, and pound receive the most considerable traction.

London & Tokyo (3:00 am to 4:00 am)

During this hour, the USA session doesn’t start trading. So, the overlap offers moderate pip change. Exchanging the high demanding currencies like the euro, pound & yen results in profit maximization at this overlap.

Tokyo & Frankfurt (2:00 am to 4:00 am)

Moderate fluctuation takes place on this overlap. The volatility during this hour compared with New York/London overlap is small. EUR/JPY is an excellent pair to exchange.

What is the Best Time to Trade?

Genuinely you will prefer to pick one from the top 10 forex brokers in the world. Now you should know which hour you should trade to get the best result.

Trade during the busiest hour, like London & New York session. Trading in such an active session results in maximum profit. Because

  • The operation volume is comparatively large at such an hour.
  • The price change is sharp as well at this time.

The biggest trading activities take place on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. So, if you choose to be particular on the trading day, pick these three days to trade at your convenience.

How would you adapt to this continuous market mutation? Well, experience helps one to understand the changing trend of the market. It is always wise to deal with the best forex broker in the world. Because the best broker has a good hand on experience in such an environment.

The best country to run forex trading will have the following criteria

  • Give access to trade with the major trading hubs
  • Should have good internet connection & strong technology support.
  • Convenient payment methods.
  • Have a strong financial backbone

Forex trading is indeed a complex business. You need to make precise calculations & wise decisions regarding the trade. For example, you need to decide which volatility (high/low) will go best with your trading pattern. The best forex broker in the world can assist you by providing the best advice on trading. You will experience the best trading by choosing the broker from the top 10 forex brokers in the world. So, choose wisely!

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