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Everything you Need to Know about Best Forex Broker in Asia

Everything you Need to Know about Best Forex Broker in Asia Asia is considered one of the largest economic crossroads in the world. According to the recent trends, the Asian continent has become a financial hub for various reasons. However, one of the top reasons is that doing business in Asia is easier than in other parts of the words. That being said, forex trading is also gaining popularity in several Asian countries such as India, China, Singapore, and more. As a result, it makes the demand for the best forex broker Asia. 

Furthermore, with the increased popularity of forex in Asian reason, scam brokers also set the hook to deceive you. So, being careful is the only thing you have to use while choosing the best Asian broker. 

On the other hand, the region has multiple cultures, which leads the different regulatory frameworks in different regions or countries. However, the overall goal for all regulatory bodies is the same, protecting the traders’ rights.

That being the case, we will give you an overview of the best forex brokers in Asia and the things you should know before starting forex trading in Asian countries.

Best Forex Broker Asia Regulatory Frameworks

The massive growth of forex trading in Asia forces the countries to create regulatory bodies to protect the traders as well as the brokers. However, the regulatory authorities in Asian countries are not that active as the European countries. But this should not discourage you from trading, and this should not mean that trading in Asian countries is unsafe. It is safe you choose a regulated broker.

However, the Asian countries that allow trading have their own regulatory bodies which control the brokers and transaction activities. So, if you choose a broker that is listed with the regulatory authorities, you are safe.

Best Forex Brokers in Asia
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On the other hand, some scam brokers claim to have licenses from many unknown authorities, which is a lie. It is mandatory to check the broker with the origin’s countries’ regulatory body instead of blindly trusting a self-proclaimed best forex broker

You can contact the respective regulatory body to check out a broker’s authenticity. And, we will suggest you double check the licenses before going for serious investments. You can do that by contacting the regulatory body and match the broker’s license number. That’s how the best forex broker Asia can be selected.

Top Asian Countries for Forex Trading

A number of countries in Asia have successfully developed a forex trading market over the past few years. On the other hand, some countries banned trading forex at the same time. For example, Bangladesh banned forex trading showing the fact of money laundering. However, some countries have seen the vision of the forex revolution and are doing their best to promote forex.

So, we have done research extensively based on countries’ jurisdiction and economic factors to sort out the forex trading friendly countries in the Asian region. We have also taken into consideration diversity and country-specific approaches. And we end up with seven countries. Following countries are doing their best when it comes to forex trading. However, we also checked the forex broker reviews in Asian regions to verify our findings.

  • Singapore
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

Now that you know the top countries to trade forex in Asia. If you reside in one of those countries or want to trade from those countries, finding the best Asian forex broker is mandatory.

How to Find the Best Forex Broker Asia?

Best brokers in Asia can be chosen on numerous criteria. However, it all depends on the trader’s choice of the criteria. Some traders may go through all the brokers manually to find the best one according to their requirements, while some may initially look for the top Asia FX brokers reviews. And, then choose one from the top 10 forex brokers.

However, we have listed some important criteria that you should check before selecting a broker.


The best Asian forex broker should be transparent in their activities. This means the broker should not hide anything from the trader and should not impose any hidden conditions. Besides, the broker will keep their activities open to the traders.

Trading Cost

The trading cost should be traders-friendly. The best forex broker in the world does not include the unnecessary trading cost, so do the Asian brokers. To understand the trading cost, you may consider some facts while choosing a broker, such as,

  • Low spread broker
  • Low commission broker
  • Check out the forex leverage of the broker
  • Low minimum deposits
  • Low swap rates
  • Deposit and withdrawal charges and methods

Trading Conditions

The condition comprises some factors that can ease your trading experience. The trading conditions including but are not limited to the following factors.

  • Account types: Brokers should offer multiple account types so that traders can pick in accordance with their necessities. Most of the brokers offer at least three basic account types that include beginners, experienced, and experts.
  • ECN accounts: Besides the regular accounts, many brokers apparently offer ECN accounts too for the expert and professional traders.
  • Trading platforms: The best forex broker Asia should provide the best forex trading platforms. However, MT4 and MT5 are seemingly the best trading platforms ever. So, choosing MT4 forex brokers and MT5 forex brokers will certainly keep you ahead of time.
  • Speedy server: The server’s strength is an important part of forex trading. The slow server can lead to Slippages, and you may not get the actual profit. So, we will suggest you measure the server’s speed and compare it with other forex brokers Asia to choose the best one.
  • Social trading: Social trading features are a new addition in the forex industry that allows a user to copy someone else’s trading.
  • Forex bonus: Although forex bonus is prohibited in other parts of the world. Since the Asian forex market is emerging, some brokers may offer bonuses for the new account signups. But you should check with the regulatory bodies if they allow offering a forex bonus.

Customer Service

Since you will trade from home online, customer service is highly necessary if you face any problems. So, quick customer service is an important part like other aspects. Checking out the means of contact and hours will help you to choose the right broker.

Educational Stuff

Most of the brokers in Europe offer free self-learning opportunities for traders. This means a trader can learn anything related to trading via broker’s video, eBooks, newsletters, webinars, podcasts, etc. Best forex broker Asia may also offer the same. Though it is not necessary.

Staying Safe while Trading in Asia

Earlier, we have mentioned above, there are a lot of scam brokers available in the Asian forex market. So, taking extra safety measures is necessary. However, there is nothing much to do if you trade via a scam trader.

In the 21st century, the only safety measure you can take is choosing the best-regulated broker. Consequently, you don’t need to worry about your funds while trading with the best forex broker Asia.


We all know that the world’s forex market is volatile. So, if you intend to trade forex in Asian countries, there are no alternatives other than choosing the best forex broker Asia. However, the forex market is full of challenges. But that does not mean you should stop yourself from taking a risk.

Therefore, you can act as a risk-averse broker and carefully proceed with a regulated trading broker.

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