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Scalping Trading Strategies to Enjoy a Risk-Free Trading

In the forex trading world, there are a variety of trading methodologies and styles available to achieve the desired profit. Among the numerous methodologies, scalping is the most prominent one as it has been used by institutional and retail traders. It is usually a small transaction to generate some quick small profits. Scalping trading is based on a simple idea, which is taking a small profit over and over from a day trading. However, there is a lot to know more about scalping trading, which you will know from this article.

What is Forex Scalping?

Scalping Trading Strategies to Enjoy a Risk-Free Trading Scalping is a forex trading strategy, which is designed in a way that helps to make a profit through a small price change. Besides, the profits can be taken quickly, and a trader can take the positions several times in a day.

Scalping strategy involves currency trading on real-time analysis. However, the goal of scalping is to generate profit through buying and selling the currencies. Also, hold the position for a short time and close it as early as possible to make a small profit.

Whoever applies the scalping strategy is called scalper. Many scalpers do their transactions via day trading with the use of charting tools that are derived signals from technical analysis. However, the charting comes up with multiple signals which provide the buy or sell decisions.

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How does Scalping Work?

Although scalping falls under the day trading strategy, it is not regular day trading, where traders take a position and close it before the day’s end. However, in a day trading, traders may take the position one or two times a day or even a few times. But, scalping forex is much more frequent, in which a trader makes multiple trading in a day and makes small profit multiple times.

Unlike day trading, scalpers do not go for five- or 30-minute charts. Instead, they go for the tick chart or even one minute chart. Usually, scalpers try to get a hold of high-velocity moves. It happens at the time of releasing news and economic data, such as the announcement of GDP, employment statistics, and more.

Scalping trading strategy generates 5-10 pips from each trade, and scalpers repeat this process throughout the day.

Types of Scalping Trading

When you go through the definition of scalping, it may seem easy. But it is not that easy, and scalping has three different types.

The first scalping types are named as “market-making,” in which scalpers intend to generate money on spread by posting bids and offers at the same time for a specific stock or currency. However, this strategy is greatly helpful for immobile stocks, which are usually traded as big volume without any significant price changes.

This scalping is hard to do as traders join the competition with market makers. Besides, the profit is smaller, but if the position goes against the trader, it can put them in more loss.

On the other hand, the other two types are focused on the traditional approach. The next two types are operated via moving stock, in which prices change quickly. However, these styles need a working strategy as well as a method to understand the movement.

The second type buys a large number of shares, which are usually sold after a small price movement. However, this type needs a highly liquid stock, and the share size could be from 3,000 to 10,000.

The third scalping type is almost the traditional trading method. In this system, the trader usually takes a position for a specific amount of share and closes the position immediately as soon as the system gets the first exit signals, which is equivalent to the 1:1 risk or reward ratio.

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Things you Need to Know Before Starting Scalping

Scalpers need to be punctual and available during trading hours. The possible entries are not visible for a long time; they may appear and disappear rapidly. Therefore, traders must stay alert and monitor the platform always.

The job holders or busy traders should not try scalping as it needs an immense amount of focus. The scalpers need to have patience as scalping is a risky strategy to become successful. It needs many traders during the trading hours, and research shows that more trading also puts the risk of losing more money. The traders need to have the ability to make quick decisions and respond as the market moves fast.

Finding the best broker for scalping is necessary, and you may take help from forex broker reviews, which are available online.

Scalping Trading Strategies

The best scalping trading strategies tend to have leveraged trading. However, this is not it; there are some effective strategies for scalping trading which may help you to reach your goal.

Stochastic Oscillator Strategy

Stochastic compares the price of a stock over the current period, which ultimately provides the potential turning point. Besides, stochastic helps to catch the moves for the trending market.

Moving Average Strategy

In the moving average scalping trading strategies, two relatively short-term ones and a longer one show the trend. However, in the moving average, traders usually go with the trend. But the traders don’t try to catch every movement. With the proper risk management, you can avoid large losses and give the opportunity to gain multiple small amounts.

Parabolic SAR indicator strategy

Parabolic SAR is nothing but an indicator, which highlights the market’s moving direction. Besides, it also indicated the entry and exit points. However, the SAR means “stop and reversal.” The parabolic SAR indicators are some dots that are placed above and below the price bar. So, when you see a dot above the price bar, you can consider it as bearish and bullish while it is below the bar.

RSI Strategy

RSI can get you the entry points according to the dominant trend. However, it is an indicator that is available via MetaTrader 4 forex brokers and MetaTrader 5 forex brokers. As this strategy provides the prevailing trend, traders can take place on buy entry on exact time with the feature of stop loss and take profit feature.

Advantages of Scalping

The best thing about scalping is that it provides limited market exposure to the trader. As scalping forex is an ultra-short-term trading strategy, the trader’s risk stays for a short period. The short-term risk actually can save the trader from a greater systemic risk in the trading market. Additionally, scalping can generate profit from a slow or rotational market.

Disadvantages of Scalping Strategy

The first drawback is the continuous monitoring, as scalpers need to respond fast against the potential market movement. The scalping forex looks lucrative as the risk is less; however, due to that, traders miss out on the large-scale trading opportunity.


Anyone can adopt scalping trading as the initial trading style or ever the backup style. However, the scalper has to be dedicated and disciplined to generate the ultimate profit. By choosing the right asset along with the best broker for scalping, you can make a prompt decision regarding a trade. However, you must understand the strategies to get the most out of it.

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