The Complete Forex Trading Guide

Complete Forex Trading Guide for Beginners

As the trading market is getting popular throughout the world day by day, there will be no better time to start your journey as an investor. Thousands of brokers are available all over the world these days and the competition among them is quite intense and fierce. Therefore, trading costs are coming down while their services and qualities are going up nowadays. This is why it is the most suitable time to be an investor of forex trading guides. But finding the right broker to learn how to trade forex is quite difficult as well. Because it should be based on one’s individual preferences and these preferences vary man to man. So, you must need a forex trading guide to find out how to get started in forex trading. This forex trading guide will focus on some key aspects which you can review while choosing a broker for you.

Choosing the Best Broker

Choosing the best forex broker isn’t an easy task at all because of the variety of preferences of the investors. Some will love to pay higher amounts of trade commissions for a certain trading platform; while some will only count costs above anything else. This is why a forex trading guide can be a real blessing for you as it can help you to find the best broker for you and show you the paths of how to get started in forex trading. Before starting to learn how to trade forex, you need to make a list for forex broker reviews. While reviewing you should look for the following aspects in those brokers to choose the best broker:


All the brokers usually offer their clients a similar set of investment deals and options which are mutual funds, options, stocks, bonds, and exchange funds. Some of them will also offer forex trading. All these offered investments will determine two things for you. One is whether your desired investment will be fulfilled and the other one is how much you will need to pay as commissions. Commissions are very important because it can change the profits amount in no time. A higher rate of commission can bring losses for you even if you had profits from the trading. Therefore, you need to pay attention to all the commission related terms and conditions which are attached to your desired investment policy. This should be your first step of your forex trading guide.

In case of individual stocks, brokers still charge commissions from the investors to buy and sell stocks for them. They charge their commissions either per share or per trade. But there are some brokers who will provide commission free services to you.

When it comes to mutual funds, you may have to provide a commission fee to your broker. They charge it to find you the right mutual funds. But there are also a few brokers who offer no fees on transaction. By choosing them you can limit or completely avoid the transaction costs which will increase your profit amount as well. So, for all types of investment there will be some brokers willing to provide no-commission services for you. But some of them are traps also who cut their fees from hidden charges. Therefore, you must go through the rules and regulations carefully.

Account Minimum

Best forex brokers of the world provide no obligation on account minimums and this is a huge advantage for the new investors as they don’t need to worry about the minimum amount to open their account with the best forex broker in the world. But still many of the forex brokers will require a minimum investment for opening the account in the first place. Usually the amount lies in between $500 to $1000. Investing money becomes difficult for the newcomers as they don’t have enough money to invest on the market after paying the account minimum. Even for the mutual funds, you will require the same minimum account investment. If you possess a small amount of money, you will struggle to invest it after opening an account paying the account minimum. But if you face this type of scenario, you can always choose the forex broker with no account minimum. Therefore, if you are new in the forex market and want to learn how to get started in forex trading, then this aspect can really help you in the long run if you can pursue it properly.

Trading Style

In case you are a beginner investor and you are finding answers to how to trade forex for beginners, then you should be well aware of your own trading style first. You have to follow the forex trading guide after considering your own trading style. If your trading style demands complete awareness of the market, then you have to take forex education and courses. They can really help you to learn forex trading online. Your broker can help you with that and provide the complete forex trading guide on how to learn forex trading online and how to understand forex charts. When you will be acknowledged with these aspects and your trading style, then you will be ready to take new steps and go further. Many brokers provide videos and tutorials to their new clients so that they can cope up with their style of business. It works pretty well and investors mix both their and broker’s trading style for their own benefits and make huge money from the forex market.

Account Fees

No matter what forex broker you choose, you won’t be able to avoid the account fees completely. But you will always have the option to minimize it by comparing all the brokers and their fees while reviewing. World’s top 10 forex brokers gain their positions up there by minimizing their account fees so that they can have more and more clients from all over the world. There are some other ways to minimize the account fees as well. Brokers usually charge the account fees for transferring it to another account or for closing the account. But if you can do these on your own then you can surely reduce the account fees. Even some of your transferred companies may want to pay up the fees for you entirely or at least up to a certain amount. If you are afraid of other charges and fees, then you can simply avoid them by finding the broker who doesn’t have any extra costs at all. If they don’t match according to your preferences and you have to choose the broker with extra costs, then try not to take those services which need extra payment. Try to go for only the common fees and you will be able to save a lot of money there.


You must have to take advantage of promotions because this can be a huge aspect to learn how to trade forex. Both online and offline forex brokers often provide new offers, deals, commission free trades to their new customers like the corporate companies so that they can gain more and more clients from it. You should be looking forward to these types of promotions. These promotions can be really handy for you and save your investment money by which you can make profits later. Though it won’t be a wise decision to choose a broker on the merits of its promotional deals but still if you can take the right time to choose a side, you will be able to make huge profits in the market.


Active traders who are trading for quite some time now may be in need of the assistance of the broker house often. Therefore, your broker should be prepared for helping their clients at any time of the day. As an investor, you may in need of forex trading platform as well. There are two types of forex broker with trading platform. One is MetaTrader 4 forex brokers and the other one is MetaTrader 5 forex brokers. You need to find a broker who has at least one of the above-mentioned technologies. Otherwise, you won’t be able to learn how to learn forex trading online. Most of the top and best quality online brokers allow their clients to access on various trading platforms for online trading. They get to use tools and research materials as well as educational materials for free. Therefore, you must choose your broker following their technological assets.


After doing a thorough research and reviewing all your available options by focusing on the above-mentioned aspects, you will be able to find the best broker for yourself. If you are struggling to find the right broker for you, then follow this forex trading guide accordingly and in no time you will find the best broker to invest your money and start your trading journey with them. These aspects are really important to shine in the forex market. Therefore, you need to be careful and attentive while reviewing and choosing the best one among them.

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