CTRL Investments Limited just incorporated HFTrading in 2019. That is why you may not find many authentic HFTrading review. Despite being new, HFTrading provides some standard services, making them stand out from the competitors very soon. Some of their offerings are zero commissions with no hidden fees, legal support, educational contents, and additional support.

Moreover, they have claimed themselves as innovative brokerage and financial service providers who continuously strive to do their service to all over the world. To find out their authenticity, we did extensive research to provide you with the HFTrading review, which we will discuss throughout this article.

HFTrading Review

HFTrading Review: Summary

Let’s see the summary of what we have found from HFTrading review. It is the newest CFD broker in the Australian forex industry, which operates under CTRL investments Limited. Additionally, HFtrading provides hundreds of CFD products through the MetaTrader 4 platforms. Besides, they offer 17 commodities, 50 forex pairs, 20 global stocks, 51 cryptocurrencies, volatility indices, 214 share CFDs, and 3 ETFs.

You must need an account to access all the offerings. And for that, you have to apply by filling an account opening form. You can start trading once you get approved.

HFTrading Regulations

HFTrading is registered in New Zealand, which also has an office in Australia. It is regulated by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority and Australian Securities and Investments Commission. However, HFTrading is not available in the United States.

HFTrading Account Types

HFTrading offers three types of accounts Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • Silver Account: It is usually for the new traders, who have a small investment. However, there are no deposit limits for the silver account holder, along with a 0% commission. You can trade all the major currencies and more than 300 assets with this account.

For the Silver account, the spreads start from 1.8, and maximum leverage is up to 1:200.

  • Gold Account: It offers 750+ assets and up to 1:400 leverage with spreads from 0.05. Besides, the Gold account holder will get a 25% swap discount. It also comes with an Islamic account and a dedicated. These are the two extra options that do not come with Silver.
  • Platinum Account: News alerts, free VPS, and 50% swap discounts make the platinum account superior to the other two types. Besides, it offers 750+ assets with 0% commission and up to 1:400 maximum leverage. The platinum account has no deposit limit and spreads from 0.05.

Products offered by HFTrading

Opening an account with HFTrading will give you access to six different markets with hundreds of instruments. Their products are designed in a way that, from newbie to expert, anyone can start trading right away. The following are the details of HFTrading products.


In the present day, Cryptocurrency is on the trend, which is also known as digital currencies or blockchain technology. Unlike forex, trading crypto does not need a mediator to transfer the value. Furthermore, some of the best features of HFTrading cryptos are

  • 24/7 trading hours
  • No commissions
  • Floating spread
  • Leverage 1:2


HFTrading offers 20+ commodities with oil and corn. This market runs based on supply and demand, which is one of the most traditional. However, commodities are also volatile in some cases. So, trading with HFtrading’s, zero commission should reduce your risk. Some best features of HFTrading commodities are,

  • 24 access to the market
  • Different spread types depending on the instrument
  • 1:125 leverage
  • Wide range of products to trade, such as Platinum, silver, gold, copper, oil, gas, rice, coffee, sugar, etc.


If you want to diversify your portfolio, forex would be the best option as it is one of the volatile markets with high returns. Besides, you can trade a wide range of pairs with HFTrading’s advanced trading platforms. Moreover, some outstanding features are,

  • 24/5 trading hours
  • All the major pairs
  • 1:500 leverage


With the HFTrading’s CFDs, you can trade shares of all the reputed companies too. It is also called stocks; however, it does not have any derivative values as the prices fluctuate depending on some criteria.

With the HFTrading CFD tool, you can speculate the price on a certain timeframe, which also lets you control the direction of your bid on a stock. Besides, some other features are’

  • Customized trading hours depending on the traded instrument’s location.
  • The lowest spread could be 0.21
  • 1:50 leverage


Share index is usually a collection of stocks that represent a particular country, industry, or the entire part of the world economy. So, through investing in a single market index, you can speculate the hundreds of powerful companies of a country or an industry.

Along with the NASDAQ, DOW 30, S&P 500, you will get access to the 17 indices through HFTrading indices.


Gold and silver have been the cherished metal by all the people. Now you can trade these precious metals through HFTrading. It is safer than currency or indices trading. However, with HFTrading, you can easily take a short position on gold, which also lets you speculate on the asset’s daily volatility.

HFTrading Trading Platform

Trading Platforms

Unlike other forex brokers, HFTrading only relies on only Meta Trader 4. However, they provide different accessibility types, such as phone, web trading, and desktop software.

  • Meta Trader 4 Desktop: It is available for both MAC and Windows, which you can use by installing on your PC.
  • Mobile Trading: MT4 also available for android and iOS mobile devices along with iPad and tablets. With MT4 mobile trading apps, you can trade from anywhere, anytime.
  • Web Trader: The web version of Meta Trader 4 gives you the opportunity to trade with any brewers without downloading the app or desktop software.

HFTrading Education

HFTrading also provides educational service to educate anyone about trading. You can learn trading through ebooks, tutorials, videos, training, etc. Besides, you will also get daily newsletters about the market, which is a great way to make decisions and learn.


To conclude the HFTrading review, we would say that the regulations and all the features make HFTrading different from the competitors, even though they are new. Besides, all the products and instruments offered by HFTrading makes it easier for beginners as well as experts.

Additionally, zero commission with different spreads structure will surely reduce any potential loss.

3.5 rating

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