T1Markets Review Based on Real User, Get Pros, Cons and Ratings

As per age, T1Markets is still a child who is crawling. However, it has been a few months since they have started the operation and found some traders too. So, there should be some feedback from the real traders who are using the broker. We have looked for the real users and got their experience, which we are going to share in this T1Markets review.

Within these few months, T1Markets has got some satisfied clients who would prioritize this broker in their forex brokers list, while some may put T1Markets in the middle of the list. We have considered each user and come up with an honest and legit T1Markets review. Let’s jump into our findings.

T1Markets Review

Is T1Markets Regulated?

Without the regulation, they would not get any positive feedback, and we have found that they are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Their parent company is General Capital Brokers Ltd, registration number HE345774, which is located in Cyprus.

T1Markets Review: What users Liked most?

Although T1Markets offer six different instruments, including Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Metals, Stocks, Indices, and commodities, most of the users liked the cryptocurrency offers hugely. There are not many authentic brokers who offer cryptos. For cryptocurrency trading, T1Markers offers tech-based infrastructure, which provides an accurate crypto trading analysis than other best forex brokers.

Besides, some users voted for the clean interface of the website, where you can get all the information easily. Also, learning material attracted the clients as new traders and experts have learned new stuff on trading from T1Markets education material, including videos, step-by-step tutorials, articles, ebooks, etc. So, the following points criteria are mostly liked by the traders.


  • New technology-based infrastructure.
  • 30+ cryptocurrency trading opportunities.
  • Crypto vs. EUR, USD, GBP.
  • Education material.

What don’t users Like?

While checking out the users’ feedback for our T1Market review guide, we have found that some users did not like the account differentiation, such as Silver, Gold, and Platinum account types as the higher account tier provides more benefits while the minimum deposit amount $250 is the same for all account types. Besides, investing the same amount, the lower tier will not get good spread rates. Another thing is, they don’t like the inactivity fee, which indirectly forces the user to invest continuously. However, once you start getting the profit, you may invest the profits over and over, which may work as your recurring earnings!

Trading Assets by T1Markets

In total, T1Markets offers more than 160 trading assets; however, this amount is a bit lower than the average brokers. But they offer all the top assets instead of offering thousands of garbage assets. They picked the instruments in various categories that will reduce your risk. Following is the number of assets you will get in 6 different categories.

  • More than 45 forex pairs
  • 30+ cryptocurrencies
  • 45+ shares
  • 20+ commodities
  • 20+ indices
  • And 3+ metals.

T1Markets Review from the Real Users

We have relied on various websites and forums to extract T1Markets reviews from real users. What we have found is a mixed review. As we have mentioned earlier, right now, no broker can beat their crypto offers, but their uneven account tier is a negative impression. However, account types are not a big deal, and the pros will surely outweigh the account tiers.

On the other hand, swaps and spreads depend on the account type, and most of the traders recommended platinum accounts as you will get the tight spread. However, you will need to have a large investment for the Platinum.

As T1Markets promised on their website, they don’t charge any commission, and they really do it.

European and some other Asian, middle eastern countries have access to the T1Markets. However, Americans and Canadians will not be able to use the T1Markets due to the strict North American regulations.

T1Markets offers a speedy execution via MetaTrader 4 trading forex trading platforms, which includes desktop, web, and mobile trading. So, you can trade via browser, mobile apps, and desktop apps. Users find the mobile app useful as they can trade from anywhere, anytime.

On the other hand, if you encounter any problem, you can contact them right away through the contact form, email, phone call, or via live chat. During office time, you will get a reply on time. But, they offer client support for 24 hours, 5 days a week.

Now, for deposit and withdrawal, T1Markets offers several payment processing methods wire transfer, digital money transfer, and cards.

Final Words

As the T1Markets review feedback from the users is mixed, maybe you are hanging in between. But, if you look at the definitive part, the account types really don’t matter. Besides, if you check other forex broker reviews, you will find T1Markets is way better than others.

Also, the client fund protection program by the CySEC is a great initiative, even if the broker goes bankrupt. Which means you will get back any profits or unused funds. However, they are doing great so far, and we don’t see any chances of going bankrupt.

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